Flex, UP, FuelBand: Support

For our purposes, support relates to the company behind the device being able to respond to customer questions. The same function might be called customer support, technical support, software support, but we’re definitely not talking about moral support. This category always provides interesting results and valuable insights regarding commitment to the customer experience – and it’ll definitely matter to some people if there’s no phone support, or no email support, or if the support reps provide the wrong answers.

Let’s describe the evaluation process:

  • Each company was asked the same three questions by email and phone (if these channels are offered). Each question was asked in its own separate query, originating from different email accounts and from different phones. The questions were:
    • How long is the product’s warranty?
    • How long does the battery last?
    • Can I download my data to a spreadsheet?
  • To get credit for phone queries, the following had to occur:
    • Calls had to be answered within five rings.
    • The answer had to be correct.
  • To get credit for email queries, the following had to occur:
    • The answer had to be delivered within 24 hours. (Acknowledging the query doesn’t count.)
    • The answer had to be correct.

On to the results:

SUPPORT CriteriaFitbit FlexJawbone UPNike+ FuelBand
Customer Support - email and voice (must answer w/in 5 rings with correct answer or within 24 hours via email)NO PHONE SUPPORT https:// help.fitbit. com/custo mer/po rtal/ema ils/new800 529 2663 support @jawbone .com800 379 6453 http:// nikeplu s.nike.co m/plus/ support #answer s/detail /article/ nikeplus -contact
Q1 how long is warranty111
Q2 how long does the battery last101
Q3 can I download data to spreadsheet111
Q1 how long is warranty011
Q2 how long does the battery last011
Q3 can I download data to spreadsheet011
Online Community
Help/Tech Support Section?111
Customer service via mobile app?101

Only the FuelBand earned full credit, likely a result of Nike being a more mature company well experienced in responding to customer inquiries. At the other end of the scale, the Flex was penalized for not offering phone support of any kind. As for the UP, it missed one email question (timely response, wrong answer) and missed again because there’s no way to contact support from within the app itself.

If you’re the type that never contacts customer service these results won’t matter to you. On the other hand, being able to get help can be very valuable to some people, resulting in this category carrying more weight than the actual number of criteria might imply.

To the wrap up: Conclusion.


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