Basis Science B1 Conclusion

The B1 establishes a new bar for activity monitors by including an HRM and measuring skin temperature and perspiration. The resulting presentation of information on the Basis Web site is genuinely interesting, although currently the only information presented is what’s collected by the B1.

At $199.00 the B1 isn’t cheap – as a matter of fact it’s twice as expensive as its most relevant competitor, the Withings Pulse. The Pulse has its own limitations and consumers will have to calculate the tradeoffs, but the B1 is likely to be more versatile given its water-resistance and wrist-wearable design.

The B1 is definitely for those people who want something more than a step counter and its capabilities make it a device well worth considering. On the flip side, doing so means you’ll have to accept the absence of telephone customer support and potentially uneven email support.


  • The B1 is the first consumer product to track skin temperature, perspiration and heart rate all in one wrist-wearable device. That’s big.
  • The Basis Science Web site presents an intriguing view of your data – thoughtful people are bound to learn something here.
  • It’s a watch with a time & date function.


  • The Misfit Shine takes one approach to styling, the B1 takes a different approach. Ironically, the same is true for their functions. The B1 is probably oriented toward less fashion- and more function-conscious customers.
  • The proprietary charger is a little clunky, but the cable makes it big/long enough so you probably won’t lose it.
  • Customer support – Basis’s poor performance is symptomatic of the industry at large, but that’s no excuse for such a dismal showing.

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