Basis Science B1 Customer Support

The company’s performance in this category was poor, so let’s get straight to the data:

Attention: The internal data of table “45” is corrupted!

Just to review, here’s how we test Customer Support:

  • Three simple email questions – for credit, the correct answer must be received within 24 hours.
  • The same three questions by telephone – for credit, the call must be answered within five rings and the correct answer must be given.
  • Each of these criteria are worth one point each: Is there technical support on the company’s Web site; are there challenges or any forms of social engagement; and can Customer Support be reached via the phone app.

Basis doesn’t offer phone support, so no credit for those questions. Two out of three email questions were answered after 24 hours and one question wasn’t answered at all – no credit. In the third grouping the B1 gets credit for its tech support section on and also for customer support via the mobile app, although it should be noted that doing so really just kicks off an email containing a configuration file as an attachment. It’s not an in-app process and privacy bugs may have reservations about sending system information to Basis or anyone else, for that matter.

Let’s wrap up in the Conclusion.