Basis Science B1 Data & Connectivity

The B1 starts out reasonably enough in this category, after all, unlike other products it actually has a display and has both an iOS app and an Adroid app. Unfortunately it receives a one point penalty for a proprietary charging adapter. The adapter plugs into a USB port and then connects via ~two foot cable to a sort of cradle the B1 snaps into. Here’s how the B1 compares to the Withings Pulse and the Nike+ FuelBand in Data & Connectivity:

DATA & CONNECTIVITY CriteriaBasis B1Withings PulseNike+ FuelBand
Clinically validated000
FDA Approved000
On-device display?111
Web display?111
iOS App111
Android App110
Automatic Upload (via bluetooth, wifi, xwave, etc.)010
Proprietary Hardware Connections (antenna, charging, other?)-100
Customer data download000
Z Wave000
Integrate data gathered with other devices from the same brand?010
Integrate with other brands?000
Can the device be calibrated?000
Battery Life (days divided by 10; range of eligible values = .5 to 1.5)

Like most of these products, the B1 syncs via Bluetooth. A distinguishing factor is just how easy and reliable the process is. Battery life comes in at a respectable five days or so. And that’s about it – you can’t download your own data, Basis Science has only one product so there’s no portfolio to integrate with, so the B1 ends up with a relatively low score in this category.

As might be expected, the B1 does better in Functions.