Basis Science B1 Functions

Here’s where the B1 comes into its own – rivaling the Withings Pulse, which is the only other product with a built-in HRM. Here’s how this category shakes out:

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As an activity tracker, the B1 covers all the basics you’d expect, such as tracking steps, calculating calories, and tracking sleep. From there it gets much more interesting by tracking perspiration, skin temperature, and heart rate. Worth mentioning is the display’s digital clock, which can be easily toggled with the date.

As mentioned earlier, the B1 samples your heart rate periodically for as long as you’re wearing it. If you’re a competitive athlete and you’re preparing for a 10K run, a bike race, or a triathlon, this won’t meet your needs. However, the B1 breaks new ground as a consumer-level device that can raise awareness and provide insight regarding an essential human function – your heart.

The Withings Pulse also comes with an HRM, but the difference is in the execution. The Pulse makes the user scroll through several functions until reaching the HRM screen. Then it’s a matter of waiting a few seconds while the Pulse takes its reading, which can later be uploaded to the Withings site. In this case, I have to give the edge to the B1’s “hands-free”, automatic process. Either way, capturing these data in a pain free way is is big news and a lot of people are in for a new experience.

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