Basis Science B1 Personalization

Basis Science emphasizes the data collected by the B1 and for now, things like food logging, or entering clinical values isn’t possible. Here’s the match up:

PERSONALIZATION CriteriaBasis B1Withings PulseNike+ FuelBand
Other Measurements (waist? other?)010
Daily Food Logging000
Calorie Estimates010
Activity Log111
Web/Mobile App111
On-device visual feedback re: goals111
Reports & Charts111
Facebook Integration111
Twitter Integration011
Other Integration100
Enter clinical values from lab test results?010

The B1 holds its own in this category and it should be noted that the way Basis displays its data is interesting, informative, and even entertaining. Candidly, I was surprised at the amount of time I spent looking at different views of my own data – by looking at the timeline I could begin matching up what I was doing with any changes in the data. Nice work, Basis. It’ll be very interesting to see what more can be captured and presented if Basis releases additional products or augments the current experience.

And now, time for Customer Support… oh, Basis!