Based strictly on the final score, the iHealth HS5 is the clear winner, the Withings WS-50 comes in second, while the Fitbit Aria trails by some distance. Compounding the Aria’s shortcomings is its MSRP of $129.95, which is in between the other two. In the meantime, consumers will have to decide if they want the iHealth HS5’s thorough body analysis (nine measures) or the Withings WS-50’s standard measures plus heart rate, CO2 levels, and air temperature. Worth noting is that all three products can be integrated with a larger family of devices from their respective manufacturers.

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iHealth HS5

The iHealth unit is comparatively big while the other two are similar in size and shape. Both the Fitbit Aria and the Withings WS-50 are more traditional, square units with glass surfaces. If you’re interested in the most body composition measures, the HS5 is the product for you.


  • An MSRP of $109.95 makes this the least expensive scale of the bunch.
  • Nine different body composition measures – the most of the bunch.
  • The only entrant to offer phone support.


  • It’s pretty big, which may be a factor if this is headed for your bathroom.
  • Two out of three phone calls for support questions were sent to voicemail.

Withings WS-50

The Withings WS-50 finishes a very solid second and brings some novel measures like heart rate, CO2 levels, and air temperature. It’s an attractive, square, glass-topped scale that finishes each weigh in with a brief display of each of the measures just taken.


  • The WS-50’s “novel” measures may actually prove to be significant positives.
  • The scale’s on-device display of all results is convenient.


  • It’s the most expensive product here, with an MSRP of $149.95.
  • No phone support, and no credit for email support because all responses were received after the 24 hour limit.

Fitbit Aria

Fitbit may be the most recognizable brand and the Aria provides all the basics – but the other two entrants may be showing the way forward. Regardless, the Aria is a solid product complemented by Fitbit’s well established family of tracking devices.


  • Simple, straightforward operation, delivers the basics.
  • Lots of other Fitbit devices to integrate with.


  • At a price point of $129.95, the feature set is looking dated.
  • If you want to download your data it’ll cost you $49.99/year to upgrade to Fitbit Premium.
  • You can’t enter your own data manually.
  • No phone support.

And for the curious: All Data.

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