Data & Connectivity

Fitbit, iHealth, and Withings each offer a range of devices that go beyond body analysis scales. As a result, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the products reviewed benefit from full featured Web presences and mobile apps.

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Setting up these scales and connecting them to your network is straightforward, although a smartphone is required initially. All are Wifi compatible, with iHealth and Withings also supporting Bluetooth.

That FDA approval mentioned earlier? The 510(k) Premarket Notification can be found here on the FDA Web site. There’s a little additional detail if you follow the “Summary” link, along with a reference to clinical testing and that the results were “satisfactory” (page four of the PDF, paragraph 8.0 Performance Summary). This clinical data and its analysis have not been located. Nonetheless, the FDA granted its approval after determining the HS5 is “substantially equivalent” to a device iHealth references in its application for comparison purposes.

While these products are all solid performers, they aren’t without their foibles – iHealth doesn’t yet offer an Android app while Fitbit doesn’t allow for data download unless you spring for the additional $49.99/year upgrade to Fitbit Premium. Aside from these minor drawbacks, battery life for these scales should range a satisfactory five to nine months.

Now for Functions.

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