Fitbit Force: Conclusion

It’s been a pleasure to review the Force and spend some time with it. BMR reviewed the Fitbit Flex back in August 2013 and it fared well in our evaluation. However on a purely subjective level it held little appeal, partly due to the maddening blinking-light user interface, cheap feeling wrist strap, and the vague tapping process required to change modes.

The Force has cured all of that and more. Fitbit has produced a feature-rich, good looking band that has practical daily value as a wrist watch, backed up by the long term value of recording your behaviors and then allowing you to manually track other values.

Going further, customers can seamlessly integrate their Force data with Fitbit’s Aria body analysis scale (available separately) for an even better picture of their status. And let’s not forget – the Force’s MSRP is $129.95, which is $20 less than the Jawbone UP24 or the Nike FuelBand SE. It’s $20 more than the Polar Loop, but Fitbit easily delivers more than that amount in value.

The Fitbit Force is a winner and it’s suitable for people just beginning to track their activities as well as people who’ve been at it for awhile and would like something with more depth and breadth. Now get moving!

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