Fitbit Force: Functions

The Force delivers on the basic functions by counting steps and calculating calories and distance traveled. It also tracks changes in elevation combining an altimeter with some algorithms – if you’re moving and the Force detects a change in elevation of 10 feet or so you get credit for climbing one flight of stairs.

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Sleep is also tracked and like most activity monitors, the Force needs to be switched into “sleep” mode – a simple process. In the morning you can review the periods when you slept, were “restless”, or woke up. The resolution isn’t as fine as either UP band, but if tracking sleep isn’t a high priority, this might not be a concern.

As mentioned, the Force is also a wrist watch, a stopwatch (for tracking specific activities like running, cycling, etc.), and it offers programmable silent alarms. It’s a little odd that with all these functions there’s no idle alert. Presumably that’s a software feature and hopefully it’ll be added in the future.

Let’s see how the Force did in Personalization.