Fitbit Force: Personalization

The Force has set a new standard in BMR’s Personalization category, earning more points than any of the increasingly well qualified products available today. As an activity tracker it starts with the basics of height, weight, age, and gender, and then continues to include a thorough food logging capability and more.

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Among the features that set Fibit apart is the ability to track your values manually. For instance, you can create a custom tracker for how many cigarettes you smoke each day, or how many pieces of nicotine gum you chew, or how many pomegranates you eat. More seriously, if you’re monitoring a condition that requires regular clinical testing over a period time you can create a tracker and enter these data to monitor your progress. Note that the number of custom trackers you create is limited, so prioritize wisely.

After this tour de force(!), let’s check the results in Customer Support.