How to add Review Banners

Review Banners are the pictures at the to of the page.
They are .jpg images with dimensions of 2400X300
There are several in the Media library
Polar Loop Banner

Body Analysis Scales

Activity Monitors

Nike Fitbit Jawbone

Withings Pulse Banner

Basis Science B1 banner


Create an image for the review just done. Pick an image that will fit and has a uniform background.

In admin:

  1. Goto the FlexSlider menu on the right hand side near the bottom
  2. Click on Slide Groups
    1. – Type Name with no spaces in the “Name” field(eg PolarLoop)
    2. – click [Add New Slide Group]
  3. Go back to menu and click “Add New Slide”
    1. – Enter in the product name (eg Polar Loop) in the title field
    2. – go to the text edit area and then click [Add Media] button
    3. – drag the image you created onto the page
    4. – edit the “Title” and “Alt Text” on the right hand side (make them the same)
    5. – click [Insert into page] button
    6. – you should see it in the editor
    7. – then on the right side is a “Slide Groups” check box, find your product and check it (eg PolarLoop)
    8. – click [Publish] button (or [Update] if you already clicked it)
  4. Go to your Review Page (and on each page)
    1. Scroll down to Page Options
    2. Select “Slider Type” = FlexSlider
    3. Select “Select FlexSlider” = FlexSlider Group you named like your product
    4. FlexSliderBannerOptionsinWP
    5. [Update] your page
    6. View page and your Banner should be there
    7. Repeat on every review page for that product