Jawbone UP MOVE: Conclusion

I’ll readily admit that I had a serious bias against the Move right up until I started wearing it. I’d had some wildly annoying experiences with similar devices and I wasn’t expecting much – I certainly never expected this little button to come along and pound its way through the rankings. However, thanks to Jawbone’s traditional strength in customer support, an excellent app, and the choice of using a coin battery, the Move is the overall winner in our rankings.

The Move’s price point is another winning feature – at a $49.99 MSRP the Move represents a terrific value. If you’re new to using a wearable device it’ll be very hard to go wrong with the Move. I’m the sort that’s very picky about what I’ll put on my wrist and in the Move’s case that means I usually put it in my pocket. To track my sleep I purchased Jawbone’s $14.99 wrist strap, although I’m not sure if it enhances accuracy.

The wearable industry has been busy and so for now the Move’s top spot is secure. I’m taking the plunge and evaluating another fob next – the Misfit Flash. We’ll find out if the improvements reported here are an industry trend or a one off to Jawbone’s credit.

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