Jawbone UP MOVE: Customer Support

Historically, Jawbone has always done well in our evaluations, turning in scores that lead the industry. Nike is the only company to do better, but now that the FuelBand has been discontinued Jawbone can claim the top spot for itself.

Our tests are simple – we use 3 basic questions about warranty length, battery life, and data download, and we communicate our inquiries via email (or web form) and phone. For companies that don’t offer phone support, sorry, no credit. The questions themselves aren’t meant to be difficult because we’re not looking for arcane bits of knowledge. Instead, we’re really just looking for signs of life. Take a look:


Oddly, across the 3 Jawbone devices we’ve reviewed, they’ve always missed one question out of the 6 we ask and they always miss a different one. Nonetheless, they lead the industry overall, which means there’s a solid safety net if you run into trouble.

Let’s pull it all together in the Conclusion.