Jawbone UP MOVE: Data & Connectivity

The Move hammered this category thanks in part to using a coin battery (CR 2025). This decision produces high scores because it reduces the need for cables and connectors and results in a 6 month battery life (constrained to 1.5 points by our method). Using a coin battery also eliminates the need for regular recharging, which is very convenient for those who travel or have better things to do…

Jawbone persists in having an app-only interface and it’s great – using iOS the app connects to the device quickly and reliably, and the subsequent connection with Jawbone’s servers is again, reliable and innocuous. If you’re looking for a web display you’ll be disappointed, but if you an avid app user you’ll be fine. Jawbone also persists in an uncommon practice – customers can download their data to a spreadsheet. Quantified Selfers will remain pleased.

For those of us who pine for accuracy, the Move has a calibration feature. Just tap the device icon at the upper right of the home screen, tap the same icon on the subsequent screen, then Calibrate at the bottom of the screen, then follow the instructions. The result will be increased accuracy in tracking your activity levels. This is a great feature and it provides a degree of adaptability not found in any other brands we’ve reviewed to date. The issue of device accuracy isn’t making headlines today, but there are clear concerns within the industry over the need for standardization around what constitutes a “step”.

Let’s see what’s going on in Functions.