Jawbone UP MOVE: Functions

The Move is a pretty focused device – it tracks steps and sleep. In this category the device lost ground to more comprehensive devices from Basis, Fitbit, and Withings. Even so, this device put in a very competitive score, beaten only by the unmarketed Fitbit Force thanks to its inclusion of an alarm as well as elevation tracking.

Two features go missing in the Move when compare to the rest of the Jawbone lineup: an alarm function and an idle alert. I’ve cut open a Jawbone Up and the guts are nothing like what can fit into a Move – looks like the motor used for both alerts didn’t make the cut. Ah well.

The Move retains its sleep tracking feature and since this is the result of being powered by MotionX, it’s likely this function is among the most accurate in the industry today.

The Move turns in another solid performance in Personalization, resulting in a tie in this category across all devices.