Jawbone UP24: Customer Support

There were no surprises here and Jawbone turned in another strong performance, second only to Nike. The company aced our email inquiries and painfully, got the last telephone question wrong (can I download my data?). This is unfortunate because being able to do so is a competitive strength and Jawbone remains the only company to offer this capability.

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The only other criterion where the UP24 suffered was Customer Support via mobile app. The Nike+ FuelBand app sets the standard for the industry by keeping the support experience entirely contained within the app. In Jawbone’s case, tutorials and guides are provided within the app but then the experience falls short, in effect making Jawbone’s Web support more comprehensive. Still, only the FuelBand app beats Jawbone in this category and Nike has certainly had many more years to get Customer Support right.

Let’s wrap up in the Conclusion.