Jawbone UP24: Data & Connectivity

Jawbone turns in the second strongest performance to date in the Data & Connectivity category, bested only by the Withings Pulse. The UP24’s feature set has evolved, but the lack of any meaningful on-device display remains, which means you need to be comfortable wearing an apparently inert band. If you’re OK wearing the rubber bands that are commonly associated with good causes you’ll be fine. If you expect something more from anything you attach to your body (like me), you’ll have to settle for the confidence that comes from knowing the UP24 is constantly, silently capturing your activities for review later.

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The UP24 earns a point for automatic data upload and another for Bluetooth connectivity. This alone is two points better than the original band and these features are very welcome additions. On the other hand a proprietary charging adapter is still needed, resulting in a penalty point (the penalty is assessed because if you lose the adapter, you can’t charge).

Jawbone is taking the lead on two key issues related to activity monitor data: first, Jawbone remains the only company that by default allows its customers to download their data in .csv format for use in a spreadsheet. Furthermore, there’s no mystery regarding how to do so – the capability is prominently displayed in the Accounts area of the Settings section on Jawbone.com.

The second piece of news is very interesting – Jawbone has added an explicit way to remove your data from their database. For those living under European Union privacy laws or who otherwise feel strongly about privacy this is a major addition. Nike comes close by indicating that your data will be removed once you close your account with them, but BMR has not yet found another brand that gives consumers the control to download their data and also delete it from the host if desired.

A final feature in this category that merits attention is the ability to calibrate the device to your unique stride, or gait. No other brand offers the ability to tailor the accuracy of their activity monitor. In the broadest sense, it’s probably most important to keep track of your trends (did I move more today than I did yesterday?), but increasing the accuracy of how you’re being measured is an important and to date, unique feature.

Now let’s take a look at Functions.