Jawbone UP24: Functions

Just like the previous sections, the good news continues here in Functions. The basic features continue which allow the UP24 to put in a solid performance in this category.

Attention: The internal data of table “63” is corrupted!

Note that the criteria BMR uses for evaluation purposes evolve over time. In this case we’ve added a criterion for a stopwatch function. Individual criteria are added or removed based on their general presence in the industry and/or their relative importance (explicit data deletion being an example). Using a consistent, reliable framework lets BMR measure all products fairly – having the flexibility to add or remove criteria allows the overall framework to evolve with the industry to ensure relevance and accuracy. When new criteria are added they’re used as part of the evaluation process prospectively – not retrospectively.

Like the original UP, the UP24 returns with its configurable idle alert. Jawbone can take credit for spreading this feature – it seems to have caught on with more than one competitor.

Next up: Personalization.