Misfit Wearables Shine Conclusion

The Shine is a noteworthy entrant – it provides the basic functionality expected from activity trackers and does so in a visually appealing form. There are tradeoffs in this approach, including bouts of mystification where it’s not clear what’s happening or if anything’s happening at all.

For the duration of this review I wore my Shine in the Sport Band which is appealing because of its simplicity. I can’t say how the other accessories might perform, but in the course of moderate roughhousing with resident teenagers, the clasp came undone and then on another occasion, the Shine slipped out of the strap entirely. This, along with the focused feature set and the aesthetic qualities of the device lead me to conclude the Shine’s mission lies closer to fashion and style crowd, and not so much with the sweatier and rougher athletic (or hand-to-hand) crowd.


  • It’s a great looking device.
  • The Shine is an activity monitor, plain and simple.
  • At $119.95 it’s in the ballpark when compared to its peers.


  • The highly limited user interface provides equally limited information.
  • No phone support.

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