Review: Misfit Wearables Shine activity monitor Oct 23 2013.

The Shine by Misfit Wearables is easily the aesthetic winner among the activity monitors reviewed to date. In this review we’ll dig to see if the outer beauty extends to include equal functionality. We’ll draw comparisons with Jawbone UP and the Fitbit Flex, since all offer a minimalist user interface.

The device itself is a nicely finished, quarter-sized aluminum disc. Twelve LEDs are arranged on its face and they serve as the display for showing progress and the time. There are different wearing options, including wristbands, a small loop with magnetic closure, as a pendant, or simply in your pocket. If you’re a technophile (or at all geeky), here’s a neat-o bit of trivia: the LED “lenses” are actually arrays of laser drilled holes. The lenses are large enough to let light out but small enough to prevent water from getting in. The concept is nicely executed. Let’s see how the Shine’s scores compare with the Flex and the UP:

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As with the Flex, interacting with the Shine requires tapping with a fingertip – two taps for your progress and the time, three taps if you’d like to change modes to recognize swimming, cycling, sleep, etc. Occasionally, the combination of a limited interface, doubts about whether the device even recognizes the taps, and bouts of staring at the device wondering if nothing’s happening leads to the conclusion that in fact, nothing is actually happening. Here’s a basic overview of the Shine vs. its closest competitors:

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