Nike+ FuelBand SE: Customer Support

When the online brokerage and travel industries began achieving real traction in the late 1990’s, only a few had the foresight to think of Customer Support as a competitive advantage. Aside from questions related to the newness of the Web itself, consumers needed plenty of help just to understand how to use the tools that were now at their disposal.

Activity monitors are much simpler products but that doesn’t eliminate the need for solid customer support. After all, at the consumer level or the corporate level, bad customer service experiences really harm the likelihood of repeat business.

To date, Nike is the only industry entrant to get perfect scores on BMR’s Customer Service category. Not only that, Nike’s done it twice in a row, first with the original FuelBand and now with the FuelBand SE.

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Nike excelled, but the good news doesn’t stop here: the quality of in-app Customer Support sets the standard for the industry with a comprehensive range of resources available without ever being switched to an email app, Web browser, etc. Instead, the experience remains a purely Nike experience and what’s more important, it’s very good.

Let’s wrap up in the Conclusion.