Nike+ FuelBand SE: Data & Connectivity

The FuelBand SE improves on the original FuelBand by one point in this category due to the addition of automatic data upload via Bluetooth. The original band required scrolling to the Bluetooth option, holding the button down and then waiting for the syncing to occur. It was reliable, but the SE’s auto-upload is better.

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As before, Nike avoids a penalty point by using its built in USB connector for charging and computer-based syncing. Standardized charging connections like USB and mini-USB mean you’ll always be able to connect and charge and as long as there’s a compatible port to plug in to.

Aside from this, battery life continues unchanged and with several days of expected usability, this should be good for most folks unless they’re venturing far from electricity. Additionally, you still can’t download your data to a spreadsheet which means you can’t take it with you if you change brands.

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