Nike+ FuelBand SE: Functions

The FuelBand SE continues with the same basic feature set with one important addition: that being idle alerts. The Jawbone UP (original and 24) have this feature and its value shouldn’t be underestimated. The primary market for these products is mainstream, particularly those that may need to establish new habits around exercise and activity. Having an occasional reminder to get up and move around can provide a gentle nudge toward the goals you’ve set for yourself.

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Thankfully the FuelBand SE still serves as a watch, made just a little more accessible by double-tapping the button for instant display. The FuelBand SE’s product literature seems to suggest Nike is backing away from sleep tracking. Similar to the Polar Loop, the emphasis now seems to be on tracking “rest”. This seems like an acknowledgement that these products have insufficient resolution to properly discern genuine sleep from rest, and then lack the ability to track sleep cycles once you’re actually sleeping.

This is unfortunate because of the increasing amount of research that’s finding a sound night’s sleep has multiple benefits to health, energy levels, cognition, and more. Of course, this may also be a brand decision – shifting the focus away from the “sleepers” and on to the “doers”.

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