All three products consumers to personalize their experience either by integration with other products from the same brand, daily food logging and calorie estimation, or integration with third party smart phone apps. iHealth and Withings go one very interesting step further – they both allow for manual data entry of a variety of values, even for those that are already measured by a device.

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These values could come from other devices in the home (an unconnected blood pressure monitor) or from a summary sheet issued by physicians after an annual physical exam. In turn, charts will be produced based on these manually entered data and if provide updates and enter new data, the charts will reflect the new values as well.

Numerous users are supported by each of these scales, eight each for the Aria and the WS-50, while iHealth HS5 will support (and hopefully recognize) up to 20 different users.

All support Facebook and Twitter for sharing, as well as an ever-growing number of third party mobile apps.

Now for the adventure – Support!

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