Polar Loop: Customer Support

As a category, Customer Support has been a challenge for some companies and in the Loop’s case, it’s definitely a mixed bag. Let’s take a look:

SUPPORT CriteriaPolar LoopJawbone UPNike+ FuelBand
Customer Support - email and voice (must answer w/in 5 rings with correct answer or within 24 hours via email)800-227-1314 customer.service.
800-529-2663 support@jawbone.
800-379-6453 http://nikeplus.ni ke.com/plus/sup port#answers/de tail/article/nikepl us-contact
Q1 how long is warranty111
Q2 how long does the battery last101
Q3 can I download data to spreadsheet111
Q1 how long is warranty011
Q2 how long does the battery last011
Q3 can I download data to spreadsheet011
Online Community
Help/Tech Support Section?111
Customer service via mobile app?001
TOTAL SCORE19.53026.5

Polar did well in answering our email inquiries. In fact, each of our queries was answered correctly in less than ten minutes, which may set a new standard. After this sterling performance our telephone inquiries may have also set a new standard.

To get credit for each telephone inquiry, the call must be answered within five rings, and the answer must be correct (the questions themselves are very simple). Polar’s voice mail menu is extensive and appears to be the corporate system for their US operations. Some latitude was granted to navigate this menu until the destination, customer technical support, was reached.

By then the time that five rings would take had elapsed, but we pressed on in order to establish a baseline – of any kind. Five minutes were allotted for each of the three calls although no credit was available for this exceptional exercise. In each case, the five minutes expired without ever speaking to a human. On one call I was assured that I was first in the queue and the wait would be less than five minutes. On another I was fourth with more than five minutes to wait. The third call saw me move from fourth to third in line, but at the five minute mark I ended the call.

Definitely not the worst customer service experience we’ve encountered but disappointing nonetheless.

Let’s wrap up in the Conclusion.

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