Polar Loop: Functions

The Loop is very straightforward device. It counts steps, calculates calories, keeps the time, and reports on your goal status. If you buy a chest strap separately, the Loop will serve as a heart rate monitor (HRM). The HRM provides a real-time, continuous feed that’s usually available after tapping the band’s button and waiting for the time readout to scroll by first. The capacitive button isn’t the most reliable and if you’re trying to maintain 140+ beats per minute, getting the button to work and then waiting for the time to scroll out of the way may seem like an age.

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Polar states that the Loop tracks sleep, but the company seems to emphasize tracking “rest”. To me, this suggests they’re not as confident as some brands in their ability to accurately track and report on sleep cycles and patterns. Regardless, the Loop still gets credit for tracking sleep. However it receives no credit for providing an idle alert because these alerts appear on your phone, not the device itself. The alerts are pretty easy to miss using this approach.

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