Polar Loop: Personalization

This is one of the Loop’s strong categories, although not strong enough to distinguish itself from the competition. The basic entries are covered due to simply being required in order to make the Loop work (height, weight, age, etc.) – here’s how it plays out:

PERSONALIZATION CriteriaPolar LoopJawbone UPNike+ FuelBand
Other Measurements (waist? other?)000
Daily Food Logging010
Calorie Estimates010
Activity Log111
Web/Mobile App111
On-device visual feedback re: goals101
Reports & Charts111
Facebook Integration011
Twitter Integration011
Other Integration010
Enter clinical values from lab test results?000

Polar decided to leave out some common functions like connections to Facebook or Twitter and oddly, there’s no provision for entering additional clinical values – a feature that’s well established on some of the other Polar Web sites. Ultimately, while Personalization is among the Loop’s stronger categories, it doesn’t compare well to the competition.

As always, the adventure awaits in Customer Support.

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