Withings Pulse Conclusion

With an MSRP of $99.95, the Withings Pulse offers the best combination of value and functions available today. Once the very serviceable HRM is factored in along with Withings excellent Web portal, the Pulse looks like a very attractive product. Don’t count on wearing the Pulse on your wrist except when sleeping – but the clip-on holder makes up for some loss of convenience. Backed by excellent email customer support (although no phone support), consumers can buy these devices with confidence.


  • Most functionality available at this price point.
  • Heart Rate Monitor.
  • Excellent email support.
  • On-device, power-efficient display.
  • Integration with other Withings products.
  • Micro-USB charging connection.


  • Not waterproof – not even close.
  • No phone support.
  • No Withings branded food logging.

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