Withings Pulse Data & Connectivity

The Pulse dominates this category, offering a robust on-device display, apps for both iOS and Android devices, automatic upload via Bluetooth, and a feature that only Fitbit can match – integration with a portfolio of products from the same brand. With all this going for it, it’s a surprise to learn that you can’t download your data to a spreadsheet – yet.

Attention: The internal data of table “25” is corrupted!

A feature that cuts both ways is the Pulse’s use of a micro-USB connection for charging and syncing. The use of a standard connection means that proprietary adapters aren’t necessary. As a result, if you don’t need an adapter, you can’t lose it (hurray!).

At the same time, the micro-USB port on the Pulse is a critical limiting factor – it’s totally exposed, which means water, grit, lint, etc. can get in there, potentially damaging the device or killing it entirely. The rubbery clip-on holder will certainly reduce the amount of stuff that might get into the port, but it looks like we’re still seeking the ideal balance between durability and non-proprietary recharging.

Let’s see how the Pulse does in the Functions category: Functions.

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