Withings Pulse Support

Support has always been a category ripe for (mis-) adventure, confusion, and occasional hilarity. The Withings WS-50 was reviewed when the Body Analysis Scale reviews were launched in mid-September. At the time Withings didn’t just drop the ball, they seemed to forget there was a ball in the first place. This time round the company’s results couldn’t have been more different.

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By the standards of all Body Monitor reviews to date, Withings’ email customer support is outstanding. The amount of time it takes to receive a human email response can now be measured in a couple of hours (in one case, less than 10 minutes), which is vastly better than their original score. On the flip side, no matter how well Withings did with email, they still don’t offer any support by phone.
Next up: our conclusion, pros, and cons for the Withings Pulse – Conclusion.

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